TO support construction activities of the mine complex, Kalagadi Manganese (KM) requires about 10mVA. Eskom committed to make available only 3MVa to KM during the construction phase, while additional power (total 13MVa) could be made available only in July 2012 following the construction of the power from the Ferrum substation. To access the 3MVa, Kalagadi had to build power lines from the Hotazel substation to the Umtu substation, at a total cost of R5.7 million.

This installation was completed in March 2010, and the power was switched on in November 2010. KM were however also forced to build power generation capacity to support construction activities, and subsequently installed diesel generators with a capacity of 9MVa at a total cost of R46 million.

This in- stallation was completed and commissioned in March 2010. Eskom is project managing the construction of the 70km line from Ferrum to Umtu to supply 13MVa. The EIA process has been concluded, with authorisation granted in Sep- tember 2010. The budget quote for the construction of the line is R87million.

Umtu substation;1) Substation final designs are complete 2) Civil designs are complete; 3) Secondary plant designs are complete; 4) Ferrum Transmission feeder bay is complete; 5) Transformer delivery has been delayed to November 2011 (on Eskom request as the civil construction at Umtu substation has not started). 6) Pre tender site meeting with contractors for Umtu substation is planned for 3 August; 7) Some substation material is available and will be delivered to Kathu TSC, for storage.