Kalagadi Manganese

The development of the Kalagadi project started with the injection by Daphne Mashile Nkosi, Executive Chairperson: Kalahari Resources, of R12 million into the project to complete the pre-feasibility study.

Kalahari Resources is a majority black-owned company with women occupying leading positions. Its equity is held by nine companies and a number of business personalities and mining and marketing professionals.

Kalahari Resources was formed in 2001 as a result of new mining legislation, which gave historically disadvantaged individuals an opportunity to participate in the main stream economy. It has brought together women groups and entrepreneurs with broad-based participants and beneficiaries. In the process, a truly South African company, which is committed to transforming society and the future, was created.

Kalahari Resources was established with the intention of gaining access to manganese resources in the Kalahari Manganese Basin. This was achieved in 2005 when the company was granted a license to prospect for manganese in the Kalahari Basin, specifically on the farms Gama, Olivepan and Umtu.

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Industrial Development Corporation

After the completion of the manganese exploration work, the Industrial Development Corporation acquired 20% of the project for R60 million.

Kalagadi Manganese (Pty) Ltd (80% Kalahari Resources, 20% IDC) was thus established in January 2006 as a vehicle to complete the Bankable Feasibility Study for the project.